Here We Go Again!

Wow so, apparently I’ve not been online much based on the activity on my own blog.  Well, that’s not true and there is a ton of stuff to update and talk about.  Right now though, I think I’ll do a quick refresher for beginning the year.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have been a coach at the OCA’s Bantam HP camp held in KW.  The camp was a great success with eight teams of eager curlers (and coaches!) attending to try to get their year started off right.  So, some of you might ask, where is the best place to start?

If you’ve read through my ramblings, you’ll know that I place a high value on goal setting.  Certainly this has to be close to the very top of the list after you’ve formed your team.  I personally try to have our goal setting session around May prior to the summer because I want to make sure we have incorporated goals around preparation on things like mental toughness and physical fitness.  It’s far too late to start considering physical fitness for your curling team in September.  Start with goals.  Believe it or not, if you do a good job of goal setting, much of the rest of what you need to do follows in a fairly straightforward way.

Another task that needs to be addressed early (very early…) is your team’s schedule.  It feels to me like the bantam / junior curling year starts earlier and earlier every year.  I’m sure there’s a sarcastic comment about my age just waiting to be revealed by that last statement but my bantam girls team is playing in a spiel in two weeks, mid September.  The Carleton Heights Junior spiel goes on Labour Day weekend.  Many clubs particularly in smaller centers don’t even get ice in until mid-October or later.

Goals are now set, schedule is now set.  If you’ve taken care to do both of those things well then honestly, the next thing is to get to work!  With no ice, this means taking time to work on those warm side of the glass items that should be in your season goals.  Things like strategy, teamwork, communication all can be addressed at this point with regular meetings.  Now is the time to get jacked up for the season.  Whatever it takes, go do it!

Short entry this time and hopefully that means I’ll be able to get more of them out there more often.  Cheers all!

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