Okay, fair enough I haven’t exactly been super attentive the old website.  There is just so much going on!  If you haven’t heard, my junior women’s team has disbanded and so Coach Sean is down to coaching Humber men.  And if you haven’t heard about THEM, well, we are off to CCAA Nationals March 22 in London Ontario after winning Bronze in the OCAA Provincials.  Of course, I’m going to be coaching another team next season and there may be news on that soon.

It’s been a ridiculously hectic winter.  In November I ran a junior curling camp in Shanghai China on behalf of the World Curling Federation.  That was all kinds of incredible for all kinds of reasons.  The kids over there have their mechanics down like you would not believe.  We in Canada should be paying attention to what’s going on over there.  I expect a wave of Chinese talent to slowly start pressuring the rest of the world.

In January I had the privilege of coaching the Nunavut Junior men at the Canadian Junior Championships in Stratford Ontario.  This too was a phenomenal experience with some exceptional people.  We made history by winning the first game ever by a Nunavut men’s team at Nationals.  See the story here:

I cannot say enough about both experiences!!  For now, that’s all the update you get.  Keep watching as I promise to start posting regularly once again.

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