Coach curling peeps!  Yes, I’m trying hard to get back to this but if you haven’t heard, it’s been a busy year for Coach Sean.  In November I traveled to Shanghai China to deliver a junior curling camp.  Yes, really.  I thought, “this is easily the highlight of my season!”.  Oops.  On the heels of that amazing experience, I was asked to fill in for the Nunavut junior men’s coach at the Canadian Junior Nationals where we won our first game in Nunavut history for junior men.  Phenomenal experience that will resonate with me for the rest of my life!  Surely, that was the highlight of my season!  Double oops.  My Humber College men’s team placed 3rd at OCAA Provincials and therefore qualified for the CCAA Nationals and somehow we won it all.  National champions!! It still feels strange to write that out but it’s real.  In any case, I’ve learned a pile from a huge number of amazing people and I really just want to share that with the world!  So, I’m promising that in the next little while I’ll post some of the lessons I learned over the course of this amazing year.  Which one was my highlight?  Oh no, I’m in highlight reel mode now, there cannot be just one.  Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

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