Monthly Archives: April 2017

End of Season…?

Ok so it’s April, it’s raining (of course) and curling ice is coming out all over the place here in Ontario.  Looks like curling is all done for the year right?  Well, that depends.  Somewhere on this site I posted that the season really never ends, it just changes forms.  Surely there won’t be a lot of games played for the next few months.  There are a variety of really great summer spiels though so, I won’t say NO games will be played but just because there are no games being played that doesn’t mean curling is “over”.  Proper season planning takes this time of year into account.  This is the time to start working on next year.  Building the team, working on fitness plans, attracting sponsors, planning events, all these things need to happen for competitive teams before the next regular games start!  There is lots of work to be done if the next year is go smoothly.

That being said, there also needs to be some down time.  Think of it as “rest and recovery” for the curling season.  Take a few days…tell the team I said it was ok.