Team Rozon


Welcome to our little corner of the “interweb”.  This has been the home of Team Rozon for well over a year now but…coach is HORRIBLE at updating this site!  In any case, I’m making an attempt!  New year means a new team.  Our tight knit group is forced to part ways because Deb and Shannon age out of U21 competition.  We are definitely sad to see them go.  It was a fabulous year.

The team has now reformed and has a fairly different look.  We’re working on next year already and wow, the girls have been out there attracting sponsors!  Please check out our updated sponsor page and support these wonderful people if you can.

We are:

Breanna Rozon – Skip

Melanie Ebach – Vice

Kaelyn Gregory – Second

Jillian Page – Lead

Sean Turriff – Coach

Look for us on Facebook as Team Rozon

Twitter @TeamRozonCurls

Instagram @teamrozoncurls

You can email us too at:

We are currently looking for sponsors to help us achieve our goals for this year.  If anyone is interested in helping us out please get in touch and we’ll send you a copy of our sponsor package.  Here’s to a great season!!